Behavioral health encompasses the full range of both mental health and substance use disorders. Unfortunately, the need for treatment continues to grow and a harmful stigma associated with these illnesses is compounding barriers to recovery. Maryland’s governor and state legislators will have an opportunity and an obligation during the next term (2019 – 2022) to enact policies that increase access to behavioral health treatment and services.

The Maryland Behavioral Health Coalition is a diverse mix of more than fifty non-governmental, non-profit organizations. In accordance with all IRS rules for 501c3 nonprofits, the coalition invited all candidates for state legislative office to submit answers to our 9-question candidate questionnaire. The forms of the candidates who responded are linked below. The Coalition does not endorse any candidates and these responses are for information only.

Click the candidate’s name to download their responses to our questionnaire.

Statewide Candidates

Ian Schlakman (Governor)

Brian Frosh (Attorney General)


Senatorial Candidates

Ron Young (District 3)

Kathy Klausmeier (District 8)

Katie Fry Hester (District 9)

Delores Kelley (District 10)

Clarence Lam (District 12)

David Jeang (District 19)

Lee Havis (District 21)

Thomas Brewer (District 29)

Frank Esposito (District 35)

Holly Wright (District 37)

Adelaide “Addie” Eckardt (District 37)

Mary Beth Carozza (District 38)


House Candidates

Andrew Barnhart (District 2A)

Carol Krimm (District 3A)

Karen Young (District 3A)

Ken Kerr (District 3B)

Lois Jarman (District 4)

Courtney Watson (District 9B)

Shelly Hettleman (District 11)

Dana Stein (District 11)

Jessica Feldmark (District 12)

Jen Terrasa (District 13)

Dave Pasti (District 19)

Lorig Charkoudian (District 20)

Geraldine Valentino-Smith (District 23A)

Diedra Henry-Spires (District 26)

Julia Nichols (District 29C)

Mike Shay (District 30B)

Karen Simpson (District 31B)

Susan McComas (District 34B)

Ronnie Davis (District 35B)

Dan O’Hare (District 37B)

Verelyn Gibbs Watson (District 39)

Drew Pate (District 41)

Bonnie “Raven” Lane (District 43)

Robbyn Lewis (District 46)